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Monday, November 26, 2012

Read All About It! B~maid News!

We found an article on Martha Stewart Weddings and had to share! It backs our statement of "Communication is Key!"  You cannot have a properly planned and executed wedding without communicating with all people involved in your wedding day.  Couples go wrong by expecting people (i.e. wedding party members, vendors and even guests) to know what's going on even though they haven't shared the information.

Let's talk about the Bridal Party.  You should be in touch with your Bridesmaids early on.  Keep in touch with them and inform them of your expectations from the very beginning.  It is not fair to spring last minute details and financial expences on your bridesmaids.  That is one of the number one complaints of the Bridal Party!

To keep them in the know, the article suggests Brides send out a newsletter complete with all the details they will need to know.

In the B~maid News, (which can be done 100% via an email) you could list the names, emails, addresses and phone numbers of all the bridesmaids. (Helps them immensely when they are planning the shower). Include a photograph of the bridesmaid dress and  a swatch of the fabric. You could also add any information about fittings and a photo of the bridesmaid shoes. If you plan on letting them select their own shoes, tell them in the newsletter! The best part about this is that you could add whatever you wanted!

Lastly, add a few words about how much you love them and of course thank them for being a part of your special day. We LOVE this idea so much, we have added it to our LLE  a'la carte list!  Contact us for your personalized "B~maid News!"

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