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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rate Your Wedding!

Okay, so we were thinking, we might turn Thursdays into "Tell It Like It Is Thursday!" Lol! What do you think? Well, we pride ourselves on always being 100% honest with our clients. There will be no fake shenanigans with LLE. So here it goes....

Yes, it's your wedding. We know. Your family and friends know. At this point hundreds of people may know. Everyone is ecstatic for you and can't wait to celebrate with you! But that doesn't mean that you forget to take care of those who care about you. Your guests. I mean... are we right? If you don't care about their thoughts and feelings, then why are they invited?? Why throw a wedding? Why are we here?? LOL!

Now seriously, think about this: Have you ever been to a wedding? Do you know how much it costs just to be a guest at a wedding? Travel costs, attire and beauty, gift... Whoa! That can be a lot. The sheer aggravation of jumping on a plane or driving to a wedding in evening traffic!  So when you rant about it being your day, think about this... it's their day too!

The point here is you simply cannot forget about your friends and family and their "Guest Experience."

1~ Welcome Them
A Thank you note, a welcome bag, a small bunch of flowers, box of chocolates. Whatever you want!

2~ Have Fun. Be Unique, Plan Surprises
Photo walls, live sax player, caricature artists, fortune tellers, crazy hour. Don't be so serious! Be memorable!

3~ Let There Be Delicious Food and Drinks
Enough said...

4~ Get Them Involved
Have them take polaroid selfies, have a love advice booth, dj request bowl, 

5~ Fun Favors
Seriously, how many people want a champagne glass etched with someone else's name and wedding date? Epic waste of money! Deliciously iced cookies or cupcakes... Now you're talking!

Now Rate Your Wedding. Put yourself in your guests' shoes. What would you give yourself? Hmmm...

Love and Celebrations! ~ LLE


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