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Monday, September 15, 2014

Wedding Vendor PSA!


Happy Monday All!

We wanted to take a moment to address wedding vendors. There are some absolutely fantab-ulous wedding vendors out there! Just like most wedding planners out there, we have our faves.  Those are the ones that we know we can count on. They are trustworthy, dependable, caring, and have our client's best interests in mind.

We have two very important points to touch on today, because we experienced them this past weekend.  And since this is our blog, we will once again share our two cents with the world! LOL!

**Vendors that always act like they know everything about everything really bother us. We've heard the same old story over and over. "I do weddings all the time." "We do this 6-8 times a month." "They'll do it my way because that's how I always do it." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!  It takes every bit of us not to scream EW! GET AWAY! as loud as we can and pivot and run away! Vendors! Don't you get it?! We don't care! Every client is different and should be treated as such.**

**Vendors, We DO NOT work for you! We are not on your payroll. We are not under your insurance, and we are not your children.  Let's back up a moment for those of you that may not know what we are speaking about.  Wedding Planners/Coordinators are hired by the Bride & Groom to do a job that they agreed upon with the Bride & Groom.  We don't sign contracts with vendors and we certainly do not take orders from vendors.**

Now, don't get us wrong. We are BIG team players and realize that wedding's cannot be properly executed with out that team all playing together as one. But vendors must realize that we are all equals, working for a common goal. Planners are not here to be yelled at, bossed around, and called names. For those of you out there that we enjoy working with from weekend to weekend please know we LOVE you and will continue to do so. For the vendor we are referring to in this post (and you know who you are) :-) You now know, we play hard...

#BeNice #HaveManners #YouNeverKnowSomeonesStory #MeanVendorsEW

Love and Celebrations! ~ LLE

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