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Monday, October 24, 2016

Question: Does Preferred Reallllly Mean Preferred?

Is your venue's "preferred vendors" list really made up of preferred vendors? And preferred by who? Couples? The ever-changing hotel staff? Or other vendors?  We're going to touch on the touchy subject that is becoming more and more the standard in South Florida. 

The thing that really gets under our skin is the injustice done to the couples. Recently, we had a bride inquire with us. After talking with her on the telephone, she stated that we had made her feel at ease and she is so happy that she called us even though her venue had a "Preferred Vendor List."  She said had spoken to the "preferred planner" and didn't feel comfortable with her. She had done her own research, found us on The Knot and later hired us.  Lucky girl! ;-)

Many venues with these "preferred lists" are making money off of vendors by (in our opinion) misleading the couple. If venues were up front and let their couples know that the lists they are providing are of paid advertisers, that wouldn't be so bad right? At least the couples would know that these lists are more like paid magazine ads, but this isn't the case. 

The lists are still called "Preferred Vendor Lists" and couples are led to believe that these vendors are the highest quality vendors the venue has ever worked with. If you’re going to rely on your venue to recommend vendors to you, wouldn’t you expect those vendors to be people that actually provided a high quality service at a value compared to other similar vendors?  With some venues that’s not always the case.  Please understand that this does not apply to all venues and all Preferred Vendor Lists that you will come across.  However, for us it is an ethical issue that we feel is worth writing about to educate the couples that we work with.  

And to take it even a step further, some venues are making a percentage of the total cost that the vendor is charging the couple. We're sorry.... remind me who's supposed to be benefiting form the "Preferred Vendor List" again???  How is this okay to anybody, anywhere?

One thing that venues won’t necessarily tell you (even if you ask…) is how vendors get onto their preferred vendor lists.  Before you immediately turn to a venue’s Preferred Vendor List, find out what the process is to get onto that list. Research the vendor.  Check out websites, like Wedding Wire or The Knot to see what other couples have said about them. Do your homework! 

Love and Celebrations! ~ LLE

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