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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

3 Ways to Cut That Guest List

Have you always imagined your wedding day would be a small, intimate group of 50? Or maybe you want a large wedding, but it's just not in the budget? Fallen in love with a venue, but they max out at 75? How are you going to  narrow down the guest list? Keep reading...

Create a full list of everyone you want to invite. Then break up the list into 3 groups. 
     A: I can't get married without them!
     B: Don't neeeeed them there, but the will be missed.
     C: Cool, fun person but don't need to see them at my wedding. (We know it sounds mean, but we all know people like this. :-)

Reconsider inviting kids, plus-ones and work colleagues. 
Kids meals can be costly. Plus-ones: You are not obligated to invite your uncle's girlfriend of two weeks. (Sorry!) Work colleagues: If you left your job tomorrow, would you still talk to this person?

Set List Rules and Don't Break Them
Trust us. Using them will help to avoid the drama that may come up later. Don't invite:
     A: if neither of you has spoken to this person in two/three years and they aren't related.
     B: if you're doing it just because you attended their wedding years ago.
     C: if you think they wouldn't possibly come so you just send them an invitation to "be nice."
         You'll be surprised how many of those "definitely nots" become "for sures!"
     D: Don't invite people out of guilt.

Love and Celebrations! ~ LLE

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